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Take The Easiest, Most Fun And Quickest Shortcut To Become A Drummer

Are you excited about mastering the drums, to finally become a musician? Or has your child insisted on learning the drums?

Hi, I am Jack. I used to envy people who could play a musical instrument well. In the beginning, I tried to learn through online drumming videos. After two months of frustrations, I realized that I could play simple beats but beyond that, I was clueless.

Relutantly, I hired Instructor Ben, who pointed out the mistakes that I was making. He corrected my bad habits and even motivated me through teaching me how to feel the music.

Within 60 days, I saw drastic results. It changed my perspective and now I aim to bring only the best drummers into the teaching industry.

That is my promise to you.

True Blue Passionate Drummers Who Will Teach You To Feel The Music
Proper Techniques to Master The Drums Quickly & Easily
Introducing Right Habits Which Will Accelerate Your Drumming Knowledge
Introduce You To New Genres & Drumming Styles
Possible Connections To Gigs For You Or Your Bands

With this, be confident that you will emerge as a drummer within 90 days! In fact, I am so confident that you will become a drummer that we provide a money back guarantee if you cannot play a beat within 90 days.

We hope that you can be one of our satisfied customers too.

 IMPORTANT NOTE: Full documentation for the following satisfied customers are available on request. These customers were not offered any bribes, cash or discounts for their honest feedback. 


A Performer Now!

Thanks for the fun and inspiring lessons! Now, I have a band which I perform with!

Richard Stevenson, Holland Village


Discovered My Passion Through The Lessons

After I started lessons, it just got more interesting and I had to jam with friends. So here I am!

Juan Carlos, Club Street

female drums

I Drum My Life Away!

After taking up drumming lessons, I just couldn't stop learning different variations of drumming!

I will continue my passion to master different forms of drums. Thanks for the great introduction!

Cecila Sumaher, Yishun

Thanks For Fun Lessons

Most of the drum schools were too far away for me. And Jack introduced a drum teacher near my place. He is a fantastic drum teacher too!

Jeff Sng, Serangoon

Amazing Service!

Really a pleasure to work with Jack, so efficient! Fast and responsive. Thanks for the great drum lessons too!

Melissa Chua, Robinson Quay

Call Jack Now!

Fast response. Extremely helpful. And great drum lessons.

Sally Chong, Pasir Ris

* We recommend 1 lesson weekly to accelerate your learning.

* Playing the drums takes time to master, as with every new skill and learning for 3 months is the minimal time frame to master the skill

* Register for 3 months with us to enjoy a special rate, to ensure that you get your drumming off to a good level

Pick up the phone to find out more about our drumming lessons.

We need these information from you.

1) Your Drumming Goals

Let us know what you hope to achieve with your drumming lessons and even some insights into your personality. Then we can introduce the most suitable drum teacher.

2) Musical Background

Based on your musical background, we will introduce a suitable teacher who is most capable of grooming you quickly.

3) Preferred Day And Timing

Everyone is busy and we want it to be most convenient for you. Let us know your preferred day and timings so that we can arrange it during your free time.

Give us a call now as we have limited slots left. Our schedule is getting more and more packed everyday...

Give us a call now as we have limited slots left. Our schedule is getting more and more packed everyday....

For More Information Or Inquiries,

Call Sarah At 8168 8251 or email Sarah@drumlessonssingapore.com

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